Unboxing | BTS Official Light Stick - Army Bomb (Ver 1) (2023)


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Alright, hey guys so I got my very first ever light.

Stick so I'm, not a hundred percent sure what to expect unboxing.

This, like I'll, be packaged inside I, haven't really watched.

Unboxings of light sticks before, but I totally love.

The funny part is.

It came with batteries on the side, which I was a little surprised by because usually most things are batteries not included, but I really love.

This, like camoed, like gloss they put on like more matte cardboard box, so cuz camels very been BTS is like color style.

I guess are like a design style that they use a lot, but you flip it over kind of gives you the name of it all.

I, don't think they've come out with different versions of their light.

Stick I know: Jin is probably the number one love of the BTS bomb, but there's light mode talks.

Well, it's off on blink and it'll flicker minimum operation time is 6 hours, so you could really just put fresh batteries in this, and I probably go through a whole concert or a few concerts before you go.

Batteries will die out which is really really nice: maximum output, 1 watt size 112 by 2, 32 millimeters, and then it's the model, number BTS official, seven-11, 5g I, don't know if that, because, like I said I, don't think they came out with different versions, but there it is, and then you guys, your official BTS sticker on it and then the next side.

You have your nice camo style again and then just there BTS logo I love it and then it's just black.

So on the top it kind of gives you like their little dog tags style and then their logo and a little light icon.

So I already cut it because it came with a nice piece of tape over it's already cut it.

So I don't have to do that.

Now, let's open this up, I'm a little nervous to see what it looks like I kind of know.

What it looks like, but I mean to have my very own BTS, because I really wanted to see them in concert and I'm like I'm, going to go full official.

So we had a little cardboard piece here and then some nice felt um looks like we have it's probably going to be our official, like manual I'm, just going to do this one item at a time here, so it's in English, which is really nice and then I'm, assuming probably Korean um, and it's your quality assurance.

It talks about warranty, details malfunctions what can cause malfunctions with it like if it doesn't work anymore, um how to remove to put batteries in it looks like how to use the different buttons and all that kind of stuff.

So that's really nice, it's nice that they did in English, too, okay and then next.

Here on the side, we have Oh like a little official light, carrying stick, stick bag, so I guess you can put in here, put it in your bag and just carry it by little strings into the concerts.

So here in America they really don't let you carry anything under your concerts, but it seems more relaxed with Korean concerts from what I've seen like you can take a water bottle in like light sticks and your cheering goods and like ah like the towel things I've seen those.

So this is really nice.


Next, of course, is our official light, stick bomb, oh my god, and then there's nothing else at the bottom.

It's just a little extra to hold it straight, alright.

So here it is of course you'll want to remove your sticker.

Here says: please be careful! Any impact on the fuse shape of the product will be damaged.

So it's probably talked about this I know I've seen you can buy replacement, little red tips and stuff like that on their website, but says BTS might be a little be hard to see so those BTS and we have a nice camel style, and then it has.

These little looks like almost like little things to make it I mean here to kind of give it a little bit of a sound ones like a little rattle e, sound and then says, army BTS and the instruction said we're going to take the top of it off.

Are we sure, because here's your button on the bottom that you push once nice, that gives you a little band here, oh and tournament, whoa? Alright, sorry I had to give it a little bit more force there.

Okay, so it is seal that was a little worried.

It might not be sealed in little ball.

Things would fall out, but it is seal, so they won't fall out.

It's nice, okay! Okay! Should this fall out there we go okay, push it from the bottom, now get that to pop out and then what we turn this okay and you get your little hub for your batteries, so I got batteries so we're going to give this a try.

Okay, let's see how this goes.

Let's say in here, usually always those the bottom end goes on the spring.

No, oh, it says it right here, plus minus minus plus.

No, which way does it go in this way? Yeah, let me show you screw it on nice and tight.

Just drop this back down.

Okay, just go on like a certain line.

These little ridges there's little holes here at the top I'm assuming the line with these holes.

Oh sorry, okay! So you kind of feel it loosen like here's loose and then it clicks on nice and tight.

So that's how it goes.

Sorry I did pull it out.

Okay, I'm going to turn the lights off and then, let's light this little baby up all right.

Let's light this little baby up! Oh, oh, my gosh! Look at this! That's pretty bright, so you can't really see the BTS mess, see! Hmm! Okay! So that's one click two clicks off three: it starts blinking, oh and even lights.

Up all the way up to the little tip here would be nice at the tip actually like blink to read, though the fuse okay.

It's four turns it off.

Oh, my gosh, it's like you're at a rave, it's blinking, so fast Hey and then Wilmore turns it off, and then it starts back at your lights off our light on just salad.

Oh I love.

This I signed a little bit more red ones.

Up close to the hand my hand there so be nice.

It was just a little bit more intense, but I mean for the design of it.

Oh it's so nice I'm glad I finally caved on to peel this sticker off, so it doesn't take away from the beauty, Ness I feel like official BTS army.

Now I got my bomb light.

Stick! Ah I'm, probably gonna watch all my concert discs again and like totally full-on fangirl out.

Alright, let's turn the lights back on and well end this video, okay guys.

So that is all of it.

It's nice to I noticed on the little hand piece it does say BTS here, which is nice just the little extras and I like how the button on this is on the bottom, and it's really nice.

You can almost grip it here with these little ridges to make sure you get a really good hold on it, I guess when you're cheering cuz, you don't want it to go.

Flying like those Wii remotes do but I think it's probably I, like it.

I'm glad I caved and finally bought one, and it is easier once you open it the first time to really get this to turn and go because you can kind of see mine scuffed.

It decided to really give it a good push, but I really liked it.

Let me know if you guys got one of these BTS bomb light, sticks and what'd.

You guys think of it.

I am in love and I'm, so glad I bought it.

Oh I can fishel II like full-on fangirl out now for the BTS, but I hope you guys enjoyed this video like and subscribe, and until the next one bye guys.


When did Army Bomb Version 1 come out? ›

Version 1. About two years after the debut of BTS, Big Hit Entertainment announced the release of the group's fan official lightstick. On March 10, 2015, BTS's official light stick design was unveiled through the group's fan café.

What does a BTS army bomb come with? ›


ARMY Bombs also come with photocards of all 7 seven members, a strap and a pouch to store your light stick.

What is BTS official light stick called? ›

The name of BTS's lightstick, ARMY Bomb, is perfect for the “Bulletproof Boy Scouts,” but sometimes it's a little problematic for fans. ARMY Bomb | Weply Shop. After all, you can't say “bomb” in an airport or at a concert without expecting security to tackle you to the floor.

Is there a fake army bomb? ›

With the fake packaging, the edges of the box do not look very neat and looks poorly made. There are also ridges on the surface of the box, making lines run through the packaging. The lines at the edges of the box stop right at the fold for the original, but run through the edges on the fake ones.

How do I know if my BTS light stick is official? ›

The original light stick feels smoother than the non-authentic one. The original ARMY Bomb can connect to the Official BTS lightstick app, non-authentic ones can not. There is a hologram on the box for BigHit Entertainment.

How many versions of Army bombs are there? ›

Usually a BTS album has 4 versions… each version has a different style cover, photo book, notes, and poster… There's the cover… it's a box-type packaging…

What is the latest version of BTS lightstick? ›

The Ver 4 Bluetooth version changes color and is 100% brand new, specially designed for A.R.M.Y fans.

When did Army Bomb Version 2 come out? ›

[🔍] ARMY BOMB Ver. 2: BTS Official Light Stick. The BTS OFFICIAL ARMY Bomb Ver. 2 Light Stick was released on February 10, 2017 KST.

Can a fake army bomb connect to Weverse? ›

There are already Fake ones in the market. It can connect the army bomb app too. The only way to tell it is fake is from the weverse point QR code on the card that doesn't work and the scratches on it.

Do they sell lightsticks at BTS concerts? ›

Where can you buy the BTS Lightstick and ARMY Bomb? You can find an official ARMY Bomb through BTS' official store on Weverse Shop. Though usually, they sell out each time the K-Pop store drops them online. You can also find official ARMY Bombs at BTS concerts and events at the merchandise booths.

Why does my army bomb turn red? ›

➡️ If the battery runs out, the brightness of the light will be weakened and might glow in red. ➡️ There will be an OFFICIAL LIGHT STICK synchronization program during the show.

Are K-pop lightsticks free? ›

The amount you'll pay for a lightstick at a kpop concert will depend on the group and the venue. Generally, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 for a kpop group's official lightstick.

Why are lightsticks so expensive? ›

But recently, many fans have noticed that the price of a lightstick seems to be increasing; some, meanwhile, haven't been able to get their hands on one at all. Why? It's all down to a technology issue plaguing companies in numerous industries: the semiconductor shortage.

How much is BTS light stick in Korea? ›

I'm mainly specifically looking for an army bomb (bts lightstick) as well as an ahgabong (got7 lightstick). Thank you! I just search the price of BTS army bomb on Naver(portal web in Korea), it roughly costs 25000~35000(KRW).

How do you turn off an army bomb? ›

You can find 3 switch options on the side of your lightstick. Switching up turns on the manual mode while switching it down is to connect to Bluetooth for concerts or linking to the app. Moving the switch to the middle (default) will turn off your ARMY Bombs.

What is a bomb called in the military? ›

Military "bombs" and "ordnance" are terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. A bomb is a type of explosive weapon that is designed to cause damage by detonating.

How do I connect my army bomb to my phone? ›

Q: How do I sync using the phone app?
  1. Download the app: iOS | Android.
  2. At the venue on the day of the concert, open the app and hit Concert Mode.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen (which will include entering your seat information). You must enter seat information to sync.

What was the first K-Pop light stick? ›

The Bangbong (also called crownstick) was the first ever Kpop lightstick and there are already 4 versions available. The first version was actually designed by G-Dragon.

Where to buy BTS official light stick in Korea? ›

Cokodive: Cokodive is a trusted seller of official Kpop lightsticks and fans worldwide get lightsticks from them. They stock lightsticks from all of the top groups, are based in South Korea, but ship internationally for free. They have a lot of collectibles that can be difficult to find as well.

How does BTS lightstick change color in concert? ›

For the BTS ARMY Bomb(opens in a new tab), there's an app that pairs to your seat during a concert, and a lighting team at the venue controls which color ocean appears in which sections during certain numbers.

Are Army bombs cheaper at concerts? ›

You have to pay for the ARMY bomb. ARMY bombs are around $55 at the concert (bring more money just in case). There's a booth at the venue where they sell ARMY bombs. They have plenty of army bombs so don't worry about them selling out.

How do I connect my BTS light stick to my phone? ›

Move the switch down on the light stick to set it to “BLUETOOTH MODE”.. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your smartphone and hold your smartphone close to connect them. Some smartphones require you to turn on GPS to enable Bluetooth connectivity. If you can not connect to Bluetooth, please turn on the GPS function.

Do old army bombs work at concerts? ›

Yes the old Army bombs can work for any concert. But if you want to have the bluetooth Army bomb you will have to be get the Version 3 because that is the one that the light changes all sorts of colors during the concerts.

Which is the prettiest lightstick in K-Pop? ›

One of the most iconic K-pop lightsticks with a unique construction is BLACKPINK's BI-PING-BONG, otherwise called Hammer Bong. As many would've grown curious about its construction, the idols revealed that they were inspired by the reality TV show, Weekly Idol.

What is twice lightstick called? ›

TWICE has officially unveiled their new light stick! After teasing the new “Candybong” light stick in their recent “SET ME FREE” cheering guide video, TWICE has now dropped an official look at “Candybong Infinity”! The name symbolizes that TWICE and their fans ONCE are for infinity.

What is the most unique lightstick in K-Pop? ›

Bigbang – Bangbong (Crownstick)

Bigbang's light stick is special because it's the first, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a one-of-a-kind design. The iconic boy band started the trend with this crown-shaped light stick originally designed by G-Dragon himself. The fourth version includes a power bank.

When did Army Bomb Ver 3 come out? ›

It was officially released on July 27, 2018.

What is SKZ lightstick called? ›

The Nachimbong (나침봉) is the South Korean boy group Stray Kids' official lightstick. On November 16, Stray Kids's official Twitter account revealed the design of the beautiful light stick.

Does Army Bomb Version 2 change color? ›

The ARMY Bomb ver 2 only changed a few colors and only did so at concerts being controlled by a computer and staffer as the bombs connected to the software.

Can Army bomb connect to Android phone? ›

Hello fellow armys! Please be informed that the latest update of weverse app only support IOS devices as of the moment for ARMY BOMB MV Connection.

Can you bring a fake lightstick to a concert? ›

Not everyone can afford an expensive official lightstick or can get their hands on one. A blank one should be fine since it's literally just a stick that lights up. I brought one like this to a Kpop concert once and did not have a problem with it.

How early should I go to a BTS concert to get an army bomb? ›

If you have a reserved seat, you can go there anytime but I suggest, go there at least 2 hours before the concert. But it is better if you'll go there earlier like 6 hours before the concert. For me, I go at the venue during lunch/after lunch, looking for freebies, more bonding with friends/other fans too.

Do you have to bring a clear bag to a BTS concert? ›

It is a must to take a clear bag because it is a safety hazard, and there has been a case where someone has died. so they made it a rule to have a clear bag.

How early should you go to a Kpop concert? ›

Some people like to get to the venue early, especially if there are special pop-up merch sales happening or fan events. If you're going to your first kpop concert at a stadium, for example, tailgating parties might start as early as 8 or 9 in the morning.

Can I connect my army bomb to online concert? ›

BTS Announces ARMY Bomb Light Stick Will Sync With “BANG BANG CON” Online Concert From Your Own Home.

Does Army Bomb Ver 3 have Bluetooth? ›

Version 3 can use Bluetooth control, which is particularly suitable for field control during concerts.

Are lightsticks waterproof? ›

Glowsticks are waterproof, don't need batteries, do not generate heat, are inexpensive and will tolerate high water pressure which makes them perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

Did Mama ban lightsticks? ›

They ban group affiliated lightsicks because, well, bias. Imagine, you're a rookie group performing. Then, you see in the audience, only a small group of people raising your signature lightsticks while everybody elso does not or raise another group's lightstick. It might be also to prevent fanwars.

Is being a K-pop trainee free? ›

Under most contracts, trainees and K-pop idols are required to pay back their management agencies for the cost of singing and dancing lessons, their wardrobes and living costs, among other things. As a result, K-pop idols may not make large profits.

Do lightsticks expire? ›

Depending on how they are packaged the shelf life is 1 to 4 years. Glow products kept in foil packaging will last for up to 4 years and items with no foil packaging have usually just over a 1 year shelf life. What chemicals are in a Glow Stick?

Do lightsticks react to music? ›

* The light stick has a built-in mic that recognizes music. The light stick response may be disrupted by wearing earphones or loud noises.

What are lightsticks called in Japan? ›

These multi-color changing concert lights, called penlights in Japan, are used during concerts, live events, and dances to express enthusiasm and joy by the audience!

What are K-pop Lightsticks called? ›

In addition, the lightstick is also known as a small glowing board with the name of the idol or glowing bracelet. These glowing bracelets are also a tool used to check-in to certain shows. Lightsticks are often used in concerts of Korean artists and groups.

What K-pop lightstick is a diamond? ›

A few days ago, Seventeen revealed the concept teaser for the newest version of their light stick. The upgraded design features the same diamond in the middle of the dome as the previous versions, with the diamond representing their fandom Carat.

How expensive is BTS? ›

BTS tickets on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, BTS tickets can be found for as low as $818.00, with an average price of $3,500.00.

Will a fake army bomb connect to weverse? ›

There are already Fake ones in the market. It can connect the army bomb app too. The only way to tell it is fake is from the weverse point QR code on the card that doesn't work and the scratches on it.

Why is my army bomb red? ›

➡️ If the battery runs out, the brightness of the light will be weakened and might glow in red.

Where to buy official army bomb reddit? ›

At the concert venue. You can buy an ARMY bomb at the merch booth, but typically they will also have multiple booths at various locations inside and outside the venue that sell only the lightstick and batteries (or army bomb + mini army bomb/ring).

Do fake army bombs work at concerts? ›

If you want to connect at concerts. You have to buy original one cause only the original can connect to the army bomb app. If you want to connect with 'self mode' perhaps you can use the fake one.

Where to buy an official army bomb? ›

Where can you buy the BTS Lightstick and ARMY Bomb? You can find an official ARMY Bomb through BTS' official store on Weverse Shop. Though usually, they sell out each time the K-Pop store drops them online. You can also find official ARMY Bombs at BTS concerts and events at the merchandise booths.

What is the latest version of BTS Lightstick? ›

The Ver 4 Bluetooth version changes color and is 100% brand new, specially designed for A.R.M.Y fans.

How does the BTS light stick work? ›

You can find 3 switch options on the side of your lightstick. Switching up turns on the manual mode while switching it down is to connect to Bluetooth for concerts or linking to the app. Moving the switch to the middle (default) will turn off your ARMY Bombs. Move the switch up or down to test your lightstick.

Do BTS Lightsticks come with photocards? ›

It comes with photocards and a strap too. How to spot an official one: The first T on the handle should be yellow, the X should be green and the last T should be light blue. Buy the TXT Lightstick on Kpopomo.

How do I turn off my army bomb? ›

If you set the slide button to the top, the product will be wirelessly controlled. If you set the slide button to the middle, the product is off. 3. In order for the army bomb to be wirelessly controlled, please pair your smartphone with ticket information to the light stick.

Does Army Bomb ver 2 have Bluetooth? ›

The version one is the oldest and biggest version. It only has one color and the battery part is different as well. It's more like a flash light. Version two is smaller and has Bluetooth.

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