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Mumma ne humare liya mangvaye hai Bath Bombs!
Vo bhi especially America se!
Bath Bombs kitne mazedar hote hai jaanne ke liye video end tak dekhna!

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Dad, this looks like a Rainbow.

It looks so pretty, wow.

Wow! This is really in a jumbo size.

There's, something in it.


Did you find? Hi Friends, Today? We are going to do a Bath, Bomb, Challenge.


You know Bath bombs? If, not then watch it with us., Aayu and Pihu.

Also don't know what bath bombs.

Are, I will tell them.

I got bath bombs for them, especially from America by their Goldie Aunt.


Here Aayu-Pihu.

We are here! What challenge.

Are we going to do today? Pool, Challenge!, The, pool challenge with two pools will be a lot of fun.


There will be a challenge, but with bath bombs.

What is that? Yes.

What's that? Sit in the pool, quickly, I will tell you about the bath.


Alright, 1,2,3, Jump! The pool is not even suitable for a jump.

Aayu jumped for real.

It's cold.

Yes, I put ice in it.


Sit in.

I am enjoying this.

Aayu started to have a bath.

Listen up, I will get bath bombs for you.

You can enjoy them till then.

OK, that's enough.

I got for you bath, bombs.

Show us., No., Show us.

We have to do a challenge.

Look at this.

This is for Pihu.

This is not a cupcake, but a bath bomb.

It's cupcake, shaped.

It's, not cupcake-shaped, it is a cupcake and the smell is lovely.

That I feel like eating.


Let Pihu eat the cupcake.

First, then I will give her the bath bomb.

Mom, first tell us what is a bath bomb? Bath Bombs are just like soap.

They come in different shapes and smells.

We have to use a bath bomb instead of soap and the water will be fizzy.

We have to just put it in.

Don't eat.


I am not eating.


Should I put it in? Yes.

1,2,3! All the sprinkles came on me.

There's, something left.

Is there something in it.

Look? What happened to it.

Its top fizzled out.

It's rotating on its own.

It's dancing, now.

What is this?, Mom, look.

The bubbles and soap are coming.


It is like soap only, a bathing product.


We have to rub it, it is so small.


Give me one too.

Right, Aayu is sitting idle.

He must want to play as well.

For Aayu I got a doughnut.

You know: Aayu loves to eat, Aayu! Wow! Show.

How is it? Aayu! It smells like...

Tell me what it smells.

Like?, Like, soap., Yes., yes.

It is a pleasant smell.

It is so tiny.

It is of green and yellow colour.

I want to eat it.

Eat it.

Please, don't eat it.

This is not a doughnut, but a bath.


1,2,3!, Leave, it., Wow! The bath bomb rotates on its own.

There are so many colours.

Fizzling out, wow, The water in Aayu's tub has become green.

Look at this.

It is so cool.

It's a bath bomb challenge, not a bubbles.


We did it.

Bubble Challenge.

I will get better bath bombs for them.

My pool's water is green.


Look at this., I am here.

Show us.

Should I?, Yes.


You know what this is? Cupcakes.


But, look, how pretty they are.

Show us.

Which one does Aayu want? Blue, one.

Aayu will get blue and Pihu will get pink.

It's like an offering.


What is, on top, of it, cream.

Aayu's hands are blue as well.

Look at this, Pihu sister.

1,2,3! Wow! It's rotating so much.

Yes, it's spinning.

Pink and white.

It's forming layers.

Sister got sprinkles again.

I will put mine in too.

Pihu, don't eat it.

It's fizzling out in layers.

I will put it in, my hands are blue too.

Put it in, 1..

Aayu, keep your hands away.

My bath is spinning again and again, blue, white, orange.

There are bubbles in my hand.

Pihu's bath bomb is a bubble ball.

This looks like a hockey ball.

Pihu's pool water is purple and blue and Aayu's pool water is green.

This one has bubbles too.

Mom, Can I crush it? No.

What's the fun in it, if you crush the bath bomb.

I could have gotten a liquid soap for you.

You enjoy this, I will get special bath bombs for you.



Very special.

Aayu, what do you think will be in it? There might be chocolate in it.

Yes, we will eat it then.

Let's crush it now.

Yes, crush.


Not getting crush.

It's tight.

Do it under the water.

What? Are you doing? So many efforts.

We are trying to crush it.

Leave that, I got special bath bombs for you.

What's special about it? These are eggs.

Eggs, Mom? Eggs.

We will make an omelette and eat it.

You can't make an omelette of it.

Hold this and you will see the magic by yourself.

I got the pink one.

Shall, we put it in the water?.


What is this? Wow! Look.

It is so lovely, light pink in colour., Yes.

Now, it's all soapy.

Yes, and our hands are slippery.


It's, so big.

These are not normal eggs.

These are dinosaurs', eggs.

Should I, throw it so the dinosaur comes out? No, dinosaurs won't come out like that.

I will give you dinosaurs.

Give it to us.


I caught it., What kind of dinosaur is it? It's a figurine, assemble it.

I opened mine.


Does it open? Pihu assembled her dinosaur.

My dinosaur is ready., Mine is ready.


Aayu's dinosaur has no limbs.


Take the limbs, out.

He didn't assemble.

The limbs, of its dinosaur.

Aayu's dinosaur..

Oh! It floats in water.

That was the magic!, But, dinosaur, eggs are still spinning.


We crush it? Do it, who knows there's magic inside too.

There's an egg inside it.

I found it too.

That was the magic! This bath bomb had a little egg in it.


Here it is.


It has a little dinosaur in it.

Little dinosaur.

Look at this friends.

It's so cute.

Pihu sister.

The big dinosaur was a gift.


There was a little dinosaur in the bath bomb.

I will make it sit on it.

Play with your dinosaurs.


Will get another special bath bomb for you.? Pihu,? Sister,? Look.! Come on my horse ride away.

Come on my dinosaur.



Are, you done playing?.



Got another special bath bombs for them.

Spaceship shaped.

Show! Us.! Wow!! Show! Us.! It lights up! Too.! Light?! Yes.! Hold.

It from below.

There's something below it.



It inside the water.


It lights up.


There! Something in it with light.

This is the light.



My crystal also lights.


Wow! It.

Is so cool.

It? Is floating in the water.

Did you like the spaceship one? Yes.

So, I have two last special bath.

Bombs, and I will get them.

Alright, get it quickly.

Yes, I, will.

I liked this.


With light was cool.

Look at this smiley.

The dinosaur went inside my spaceship.


He is saying: hello.

Hello, and Mom, got the bath bombs for you., The dinosaur broke the spaceship.

Show us.

These are the last and final bath bombs.

Just, that's it., That's it.

Enough, I am not going to ask your aunt to get everything from America.

Aayu will get a rainbow bath bomb and Pihu will get a ball.


So big.

Yes, jumbo size.

Friends, look.

My hands were wet, so it started.

Fizzing out.

So should I quickly put it inside the water.

Bath bombs start to fizzle out at contact with water.

Mine isn't.


This looks like a Rainbow.

Wow! It looks so pretty! Really.

It is of jumbo size.

It's spinning.

The whole tub is filled with white lather.

It's, not just white.

It's colourful, pink, and purple.


All the colours.

I can't wait, I will put it in too.


Will show you one thing.

It's going forward and the colours are fizzing out from the back.

Wow! Did.

You see it? There's, something in it.

What is in it? One minute.

What is in it? Sister.

Money! Wow! Show me.

It's, an American Dollar.

Wow! I found a dollar in it.


There is a dollar in it.

Is it fake or real? Real dollar.

Friends, Pihu got 2 Dollars.


We got the money back for bath.



Pihu enjoyed the bath bomb and got the money back.


We got back a dollar.

But Dad.

What will we do of the dollar.

This? Doesn't work here.

Go to America, Bye.

Friends, Did, you like the video, the share it with all your friends.

See you in the next video.




Love, you all., Bye, Bye.

I am taking this.

That's mine, Mom, come here! Mom! Why.

Are you splashing water on me?.


What makes bath bombs react in water? ›

Two of the key ingredients to a bath bomb are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. You might also know sodium bicarbonate by its more common name, baking soda. These two ingredients are what cause the impressive and delightful fizz when the bath bomb enters the water.

How does a bath bomb work? ›

Once dissolved in water, bath bombs release citric acid which fizzes up and helps loosen damaged layers of skin. The oils in bath bombs also tend to be super moisturizing, and basking in a tub of hydrating oils will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Why do bath bombs explode? ›

Bath bombs 'explode' in water because of a chemical reaction taking place between ingredients. Baking soda and citric acid are like peanut butter and jelly: better together. Combines, they create all kinds of wildly fizzy bubbles filled with carbon dioxide gas.

Who invented bath bombs? ›

The bath bomb was originally created in a garden shed by Mo Constantine. Mo is the co-founder and product investor for the popular British company, Lush. In 1989, Mo was simply looking for a way to make bath sessions a more luxurious time. She wanted to find a solution for pampering the skin without irritating it.

Is bath bomb water safe to drink? ›

Unintentionally swallowing a small amount of bath water with a dissolved bath bomb should not be dangerous because the ingredients would be very dilute. Similarly, contact between the bath water and the eyes should also be well tolerated.

What was the hypothesis of the bath bomb experiment? ›

Hypothesis. Our hypothesis was that temperature would have a dramatic impact in how quickly a bath bomb fizzed. We felt the best way to measure this would be to time the bath bombs to see how long they would take to completely finish erupting.

What are 3 uses for bath bombs? ›

5 Ways to Use a Bath Bomb Without the Tub
  • Shower Aromatherapy: Using luxurious bath bombs in the shower has become a popular way to create a spa like experience at home! ...
  • Foot Soak: Fill a basin with warm water and drop in your fizzing treat. ...
  • Room Fragrance: ...
  • Relaxing Foot Scrub: ...
  • Aromatic Yoga experience:
Apr 22, 2022

Do you rinse after bath bomb? ›

You do not have to rinse off after using a bath bomb, but if you used a colored bath bomb or one with glitter in it, you may consider doing so. Simply drain the bathtub, then take a shower and rinse the oils and butters off your skin. You may use a loofah and shower gel as well, if you wish. Clean the tub.

What are the disadvantages of bath bombs? ›

The aggressive and often abrasive chemicals used in bath bombs can do more harm than good, dry-out, or irritate your skin. Furthermore, additives like dye and glitter can be difficult to remove, causing skin irritation to worsen.

What happens to the bath bombs when it is left in water? ›

When a bath bomb comes in contact with water, the baking soda and citric acid react to make carbon dioxide bubbles. This is an acid–base reaction, where baking soda (also called sodium bicarbonate) is a weak base and citric acid is a weak acid.

How long should a bath bomb last? ›

Bath bombs don't expire in the sense that a carton of milk does, but they will definitely lose their fizz and scent over time. After six months to a year, they'll be less effective, so it's best to use them within six months. If your bath bomb wasn't stored properly, though, you may want to skip out on using it.

Do bath bombs grow mold? ›

The short answer is yes. Mold growing on your bath bomb is a great sign that it is way over its expiry date.

Does selling bath bombs make money? ›

Yes, selling your own bath bombs can be profitable! When selling bath bombs, you'll want to spend time on your pricing strategy to ensure that your retail price covers your costs and accounts for margin (or profit).

Why use witch hazel in bath bombs? ›

Witch hazel is a must-have for bath bombs. It wets the baking soda and citric acid enough to hold a shape, then evaporates in the finished product. You can use other methods, but we definitely prefer witch hazel.

What was the first bath bomb called? ›

What was the first bath bomb called? Well, technically they were tablets and they were called Aqua Sizzlers. It was only after Mo started experimenting with shapes and sizes that the first spherical bath bomb was born.

What activates bath bombs? ›

Bath bombs fizz when water triggers a reaction between an acid and a neutralising substance known as a 'base'. Many bath bombs contain citric acid, as found in citrus fruits, and sodium bicarbonate, which is a weak base.

Why are my bath bombs activating? ›

A solution to try - When your bath bombs are expanding or activating after you've made them it is usually due to too much moisture. Try to cut back on how much water or other binders you used next time. Humidity also plays a big factor in this, especially when it's raining.

What binds bath bombs together? ›

OILS. Oils are used to add moisture to the bath bomb recipe and to bind the mixture together. All oils have moisturizing properties that hydrate and soften skin, and different varieties of oil also lend various additional benefits.

Why do bath bombs react faster in hot water? ›

In a reaction, the faster molecules collide with more frequency, which causes the reaction to happen at a quicker rate. When you put a bath bomb in warm water, this is causing the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid molecules to warm up and move faster. They will thus react at a faster pace.

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